play some tag...


SD Laser Tag Rentals provides the means for a unique, experience whether you are looking for exciting indoor / outdoor laser tag event or have an idea of your own, SD Laser Tag Rentals is here to fill your event entertainment needs.

why RENT laser tag FOR YOUR EVENT?


With Varying Equipment lines for all age groups take advantage of the latest technological advances in infrared and wireless communication to play some awesome games of tag in a digital format that will create memories and fun.


Traditional laser tag is a “free for all” type game. there is no point to the game other than trying to score points. Tactical Laser Tag is a team based game, teamwork is essential and mission objectives change between missions to keep the game fresh and exciting.


With our ability to offer even simple laser tag system formats for basic laser tag, we have gear that can step it up for extreme tactical play that is unparalleled, rivaling game styles for paintball and airsoft but without the cheating abilities present and electronic controls in place.

unique game play experience

Offering a plethora of game styles we provide an action packed event that is sure to keep all entertained
with continued back to back game play participants rave about the fun and unique experience.

Existing Field

Using the existing field is played in what space you have available. Woods, Trails, Parks or a Building. Much can be done with what is around but it is best to provide cover for the players.

Mobile Field

In this set up, we bring out mobile inflatable bunkers of various shapes and sizes. This is great to set up at parks or open spaces where there may be some/little cover. The bunkers provide all you need or add to what is existing.

Equipment Rentals Too!!!

Nerf Laser Tag

The classic nerf laser tag system features a quick start - pick up and go - laser tag style similar to your favorite nerf games. You can choose teams or play free for all. The system has recoil feed back, but unlike projectile nerf, these babies shoot 300'!


Known as the first "swapable" laser tag system, because of its unique ability to upgrade weapons in play by picking up in game weapon upgrades. The system also features headsets to limit cheating and increase sensors as well as enable hosting and scoring!

Battle Rifle X

The big guy... featuring wireless headsets, offline customizable game modes/settings, multiple weapons and the ability to pair with your cell phone for online call of duty and battle royale style gaming... in real life! This is a game to remember!

Pricing Plans

Rental Equipment Options

Nerf Laser Tag Blasters


per tagger

Evolver Laser Tag Pistol


per set

battle rifle x Laser Tag System


per set

For all rentals, we provide fully charged batteries with the system and two extra taggers, just in case. Completion of a rental agreement is required and a valid CA drivers license at the time of pick up. The service is a pick up and drop off. It is anticipated that the equipment is picked up the day before your event/rental and returned the day after. This is to ensure you have adequate time for your event to use the equipment as needed. Multiple day rentals will be provided with chargers and or additional charged batteries for use with additional instructions for charging equipment for multiple day use. However, typically, charges last a good 6-8 hours of play and is normally adequate for most rentals.