School Events (parties, dances, carnivals)

Literature First Charter High School, Lemon Grove, CA

To add some more activities into the this Lemon Grove Highschool Homecoming, we brought out our laser tag guns for some night time fun! Two teams battled it out to determine who would be the victor. Students went between the dance, laser tag and the food for the event, finding lots of opportunities to socialize.

Private Clubs (member and youth parties)

The Crosby Club

Occasionally the Crosby club will open up the driving range to some fun youth activities. Here we had about 40-50 children of club members participating in a team death match that was fun for all ages!

Private Birthday Parties (All ages Welcomed)

Private Birthday Party at the Park

Commonly, we will get called for supporting a birthday party. It is very simple, Let us know the age of the group, the quantity of simultaneous players and where you would like us to set up. We take care of the entertainment! Its not uncommon for the parents to join in on the fun either!

Church Leadership Events/Retreats

San Diego Missionaries

Even full time missionaries need some physical activity and a day to just have some fun! We love supporting local community programs and churches and offer special discounts as well as fund raising!

Youth Organizations (young women, young men, scouts, etc.)

Young Women’s Summer Camp

This youth group sought adventure this summer participating in activities from paddle boarding to laser tag with SD Laser Tag during their week long Summer Camp!

Rental Packages for Battle Royale!

Battle Royale Package Rental for a Family Reunion Campout

Headed out for a multi-day event and need some ideas for some activities? Rent our equipment and run your own, phone based, battle royale style battles! This group had a family reunion that was ACTION PACKED!!!