Team Domination - Three Bases

Game Play

Welcome to today’s event! 

Today we will be playing a game called Domination. The object of todays game is to be the team that maintains control of three different bases for the longest duration of time. Once a team has held possession of the bases for a combined total of 20 minutes (between the three bases) the game is over! The team that reached 20 minutes first is the winner. The bases can be captured by simply shooting the base. 

The three bases communicate over radio frequency transmission to end the game once the domination goal is reached. A base is taken hold of or captured by simply shooting the base. The base will indicate what team has possession via an indicator light that illuminates the color of the team that has possession. 

An Air Horn will sound when the game is over. At the end of the game, Everyone is to return to their bases, regroup, strategize and await the start of the next game. 

After two games, we will have a break where all participants return their taggers to their base then gather at the center of the field and discuss for a few minutes, then teams will switch bases to play another two rounds with the alternate starting locations/bases. 

Each round commences/ends at the sound of the air horn. Players are to remain at their bases until the air horn sounds to start a game, and to return promptly to their bases after a round. 

Logistics - Safety

Know your Restroom Locations – Know your Team Base Location – Radios at each base – Small bandaid kit at each base – Waters and trash at each base

Staff is only present to help with swapping out team mates between turns, not to give you advise on play, tagger use, etc. As a team you should be working together and helping each other out. This introduction is the only instruction you will really be getting on play. Feel free to reference at any time or between turns.

Each of you have different physical abilities. Do not do more than you can handle. Likely, some of you will be actually sore from this game, just putting that out there. Do not over do it, do not be careless. While you will find this game to be incredibly awesome, the name laser tag inherently has a nerdy sound to it, though you will likely find this game to be crazy and even intense. However, your friends and family will likely look at you weird and maybe make fun of you if you tell them you hurt yourself playing laser tag. Have fun, but be careful and be alert of your surroundings and environment. Watch your step! We have small first aid kits at the team bases for some scrapes/scratches if you do get any but that should not be necessary if you don’t go crazy.

Lives - Respawn - Health - Turns

Each Player on the team will be allotted 3 lives. When you die in the game, your gun will basically scream bloody murder and let out a loud tone. After a few seconds you can respawn or start a new life by simply pulling the trigger on your gun. Once you lose all three of your lives, you need to return to your team’s base and tag out to allow another player to come in and replace you. We will have a total of a maximum of 20 players per team on the field at one time. Each team will consist of half of your group. At each of your bases, you will have a staff member to help you to clean gear before handing it off to another player and help your team mates to be ready to come in to replace you.

Pro Tip: The gun LEDs on the side glow, the less health you have, the less LEDs will be glowing. These LEDs also indicate your team color. The game allows for slow, automatic health regeneration/recovery. So strategize accordingly taking cover when taking fire/hits to have your lives last you.

Team Work & Strategy

Each of you have different strengths and abilities within your work life and personal life. this same applies to the game we are playing today. This is not only regarding your ability to point shoot, cover fire etc. but also even the weapons/ability that you are equipped with individually within the team. The teams that win, are the teams that work together, strategize together, and balance abilities and strengths within their team. Engage in good communication, roles, etc. Strategize, plan, execute and improve.