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This interactive reservation tool will provide you with answers to common questions and help you to select the appropriate rental package for your needs as well as populate a quote for you as well.

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What Is The Occasion?

We offer equipment options that would support attendees to any event. Indicating the application will help us in providing you with recommendations. Please select an application below then click “Continue” provided recommendations for your event.

Birthdays Party

Corporate Event

School Events

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Church Events

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Family Events

Collegiate Clubs

Fair / Carnivals


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Mobile Field Bunkers

We offer a mobile field that provides player cover and gameplay enhancement. Consider the location for your event and what option below would best suit your event location.

Inflatable Bunkers

Inflatables: For a tournament style field, look at our inflatable bunkers! These can be set up anywhere and are in many shapes and sizes to create varying strategic cover positions on the field. The field is great for up to a Max of 20 player at a time, so consider your group size.

Hunting Blinds

Hunting Blinds: Our most popular set up and is great for indoor gyms as well as grassy areas. Players can hide behind as well as inside our hunting blinds for cover as well as eliminate the enemy from the windows. While shapes are consistent, the blind sizes vary from large multi person hunting blinds to single person blinds. The varying sized camouflage bunkers make for a fantastic battlefield.

None: Existing Terrain/Foliage

None: Save a little money and consider a location with existing foliage or buildings/structures for your event. We can run games anywhere! Do consider that rough terrain does limit the players that might be able to participate… forest type settings or places where young ones may not be visible from parents/supervision could be dangerous, please consider your attendees ages and physical limitations.

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Equipment Selection

We have inventory of different laser tag systems and can provide the most suitable system based upon anticipated attendee/player ages. Please select a laser tag system below:

Click the image of your selection below.

The classic nerf laser tag system features a quick start – pick up and go – laser tag style similar to your favorite nerf games. You can choose teams or play free for all. The system has recoil feed back, but unlike projectile nerf, these babies shoot 300′ day or night!

Great for All Ages!

$10 Per Tagger

A similar laser tag system to our Nerf Laser Tag, only with more available optional add-on upgrades for older age groups that include Bluetooth head sensors with built in live scoring and SWAP-able weapon upgrade skins. These features make the system a ton of fun!

Great for All Ages!

$15 Per Tagger

With a powered red dot scope, incredibe accuracy, powerful realistic audio, unique – built in game selections and live scoring The Battle Rifle does not fail to deliver a military sim style game play that causes a deep emersion and a memorable experience for all!

Teens and Adults!

$30 Per Tagger

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San Diego Laser Tag is able to accommodate up to 60 players simultaneously. Knowing that there are sometimes space constraints for your venue or perhaps you will have hundreds of attendees, while we aim to maximize the fun and player play time, we can rotate players out. These types of event setups we create an “Arcade” style play where players need to take turns, rotate out stations or even form a line. Please confirm below the anticipated number of players intended to be playing simultaneously at your event and if you will be needing us to also rotate out players in the case of location space constraints or more anticipated players than we are able to accommodate at one time.

Will You Need Us To Rotate Players Out?

Note that Rotation of Players Requires Additional Staff. We have automatically added additional fees to your quote but depending on your event specifics we may have adjustments to your initial quote. We will be reaching out to confirm specifics, as this is considered a High Volume Event. Also with rotations of players, consider the duration of your event on the upcoming step for time/duration.

We only rotate players if we are unable to accommodate the number of participants, Rotating of players limits the ability for increased game experience and is best for carnivals/fairs/fundraiser type events. The fun is very limited for our private events when players are rotated out and line management is not included in our services and it would be on the client to manage crowds/lines… Laser Tag tends to be the most popular activity at carnivals/fairs/etc. If you are not sure how many players your space would allow, consider about 100 square feet per player as a minimum.

Setting up multiple fields has an advantage in increasing the potential number of players active simultaneously. While this is an uncommon set up, it does allow us to keep up to 140 guests/attendees active in games at a time, split up lines, decrease wait times etc. Featuring 3 different laser tag systems allows us to run three different laser tag systems at one time that do not interfere with each other. An example is a school carnival event where grades are split up between K-1, 2-3, and 5-6 elementary grades. We can also feature different style of games at different fields with the same equipment. An extreme example is one field that is constantly running a Battle Royale style game, while another is a Team Battle Game, Another Capture the flag, etc. Again, while not common, we have the ability to run an entire Laser Tag Festival with carnival games with shooting range style games, quick draw matches, in addition to battle fields.

Some event dynamics inherently have a wide range of participant ages, like school carnivals. For these types of events we can also have multiple fields to separate age groups for obvious safety and fairness/fun.

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Location Location Location

If you have come this far and still have not realized this is a Mobile Laser Tag Service, lets make sure that is clear now. We are providing entertainment services for your event only so lets talk location and common questions:

Public Parks, Private Property, Schools, Churches, Places of Business, Gymnasiums, Backyards, Etc. are all common locations our customers have us run our laser tag games for event/party entertainment. If your planning on using a private property, simply consult with those responsible for the property. If your planning on using a public park, consult with the city or county for which jurisdiction the park falls under.
For Public Parks, Commonly the city/county will ask for an insurance certificate for any vendors. We will provide you with this upon locking in your booking for our services. The City of San Diego commonly charges $20 for reserving a location in a public park. If you want to be sure to have the space for the event and the park of your choosing is heavily visited, it is Highly Recommended that you do reserve the space with the city. If you have a park very nearby that has underutilized space and can accommodate your needs with picnic tables etc. or plan on bringing your own, you are able to make your own decision if the space is needed to be reserved for your own local community park. High Traffic Parks where sport activities flourish, we recommend avoiding them or be sure to reserve your space with the city/county and those parks may have higher reservation rates, be advised.

For large events with lots of players/participants for corporate events or large youth groups etc. We have some recommendations and event pages that we could recommend where we have standing relationships with the park rangers for those types of areas and group sizes. We do have Event Web Pages for specific locations and events that can be shared among those invited to attend the event. Be Advised: Parks and Terrain such as this have uneven ground and caution is recommended as well as ensure that your group is of adequate age to be unsupervised as these awesome locations and events are incredible but proper clothing is recommended as well as caution for the terrain and natural geographic hazards.

If you are already thinking of a location or already decided, please let us know here. If this is a lot and your unsure, we can reach out and discuss locations and options. Maybe we have even done events in your area and can provide a recommended location near you. We will be reaching out to confirm your details with you anyway and the location is a key component that we can work with you on.
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Day – Time – Duration

How Long Will You Need Our Services?
Our standard rates include two hours of laser tag. Set up and clean up are not include, in that, we arrive early and stay a little later to ensure your event starts on time and that you have two hours of games. Regardless if some participants want to take breaks, get water, get food, etc. We are there and prepared to run games for our allotted two hour window for your event. Most consider the 2-hour games plenty as there is quite a bit of activity and players do get tired. But as long as there are at least two players ready for more, so are we!

Note: There may be additional charges depending on event size and staffing required, Fees associated are minimums for this step.

When Are You Planning Your Event?
Please provide both your preferred date and time and a secondary date and time for your event, if possible. We do book out sometimes months in advance. Also your booking date and time is not guaranteed until payment is made for your booking. We offer our services on a first come first serve basis. Weekends tend to be the busiest dates for private parties while corporate events are commonly on the weekdays. Most corporate events occupy all of our staff while smaller parties we are able to run several overlapping at times and try to accommodate as many bookings requests as we can. Again, No bookings are final until locked in and payment is remitted.
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Finally, Your Last Step

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